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[ { “Section”: “MANAGEMENT DIALOGUE”, “Text”: “Meditech Set To Grow Faster Than Other Segments: Garware Technical Fibres President Sanjay Raut”, “LandingURL”: “https://www.technicaltextile.net/interviews/garware-technical-fibres-ltd/sanjay-raut/12558-1/”, “Order”: “1”, “Type”: null, “ImpressionURL”: null }, { “Section”: “FACE2FACE”, “Text”: “3D visualisation in fashion to be focused around AR & VR: Embodee VP-Sales Yoram Burg”, “LandingURL”: “https://www.fibre2fashion.com/interviews/face2face/embodee/yoram-burg/12633-1/”, “Order”: “1”, “Type”: null, “ImpressionURL”: null }, { “Section”: “FASHION TALK”, “Text”: “I source khadi from various regions of India: A Humming Way Owner Sweta Agarwal”, “LandingURL”: “http://fashiongear.fibre2fashion.com/fashion-talks/a-humming-way-fashion-designer-owner-sweta-agarwal/”, “Order”: “1”, “Type”: null, “ImpressionURL”: null }, { “Section”: “SECTOR PULSE”, “Text”: “Blockchain is not a silver bullet for each and every problem in supply chain”, “LandingURL”: “https://www.fibre2fashion.com/interviews/sector-pulse/textile-industry/representatives/12641-1/”, “Order”: “1”, “Type”: null, “ImpressionURL”: null }, { “Section”: “INDUSTRY SPEAK”, “Text”: “Fashion is second largest segment: Informa Markets Event & Content Director Amanda Cioletti”, “LandingURL”: “https://www.fibre2fashion.com/interviews/industry-speak/global-licensing-group/amanda-cioletti/12600-1/”, “Order”: “1”, “Type”: null, “ImpressionURL”: null } ]

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