Show Caption Hide Caption Biden comments on COVID variant, possible rebuke by Catholic Bishops President Biden commented on the Delta variant and a document from Catholic Bishops that may rebuke him for his support of abortion rights. Associated Press, USA TODAY Australia’s top medical officer on Monday urged countrymen who haveContinue Reading

Show Caption Hide Caption Trans teen publishes children’s book about inclusivity This transgender teen co-wrote “A Kids Book About Being Inclusive” with the hopes of inspiring children everywhere. Staff Video, USA TODAY Laurel Hubbard’s journey to the Tokyo Olympic Games goes far beyond medals and athletic performances. Her selection toContinue Reading

Show Caption Hide Caption Unemployed single mom struggles with loss of job during pandemic Unemployment is expected to go up and more permanent job losses are looming. This is one woman’s story of struggle in pandemic unemployment. Kelly Wilkinson, INDIANAPOLIS – Shanon Singer-Mann hasn’t worked at her restaurant jobContinue Reading

Editors  |  USA TODAY Claudette regaining strength after leaving at least 13 dead Claudette was regaining strength early Monday and expected to return to tropical storm status as it neared the coast of the Carolinas, after leaving at least 13 people dead. Ten people, including nine children, were killed in a multi-vehicle collision onContinue Reading

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Show Caption Hide Caption Tropical storm Claudette kills 12 people in Alabama Alabama suffers the brunt of tropical storm Claudette, killing at least 12 people. USA TODAY, Storyful Alabama officials said 10 people, including nine children, died in a crash that was likely caused by the storm. Separately, a 24-year-oldContinue Reading

Show Caption Hide Caption Kevin Hart jokes that he’s ‘not that great’ when it comes to diaper changing Kevin Hart chats with USA TODAY’s Bryan Alexander about his new Netflix film “Fatherhood” and his real-life dad duties changing diapers. Entertain This!, USA TODAY Jill Biden celebrated her husband on Father’s DayContinue Reading