CBC News: The National | U.S. election too close to call | Nov. 4, 2020

The U.S. presidential election remains too close to call after a second day of counting ballots. We have updates from the ground, explain where the numbers stand and how Canadians are reacting. Plus, why health officials are now recommending three-layer masks during the pandemic.


00:00 The National for Nov. 4, 2020
00:50 U.S. presidential election remains too close to call
01:37 Biden campaign cautiously optimistic
04:45 Trump on the offensive as election race tightens
07:39 Could legal challenges change the U.S. election outcome?
09:55 How CBC handles the U.S. vote count
10:25 U.S. election results for Wednesday night
12:03 Vote count continues in crucial Pennsylvania
14:57 Lead narrows in Arizona as vote count continues
16:49 Republicans claim some Georgia ballots arrived too late
18:40 How the polls got it wrong — again
21:49 Trudeau stays quiet on U.S. election, for now
24:35 Election uncertainty creates unease in Alberta town
27:02 24 hours and still no winner | U.S. politics panel
32:59 U.S. election results for Wednesday night
35:15 New COVID-19 cases in Canada
35:51 Ontario’s new COVID-19 restrictions system under fire
38:05 3-layer masks now recommended for COVID-19
40:43 What Canadians think of the U.S. election
43:14 The Moment

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