Egyptian spa offers snake massages, video leaves netizens terrified

Egyptian spa was discovered to be offering snake massages, leaving many terrified.

A good massage is no doubt relaxing but the one being offered at a spa in Egypt are undoubtedly not for the fainthearted. The people visiting the Cairo spa can choose from several types of massages, including by non-venomous snakes.

In the spa, live snakes slither on the backs and faces of the people who are desperately looking for pain relief. According to a Reuters video, which has now gone viral on social media, a masseuse is seen first rubbing oil on the client’s back and then uses a combination of pythons and around 28 different types of non-venomous snakes during the 30-minute massage session.

Watch the video here:

Masseuse and spa owner Safwat Sedki told the news website that snake massage helps “reduce muscle and joint pain” as well as improve blood circulation.

Diaa Zein, a client at the spa, who stumbled upon the service while scrolling the internet, said he experienced a “sense of relief and rejuvenation” when the snakes were placed on his back.

“I was nervous at first. Scared of snakes being on my body,” he said. ” But the fear, anxiety and tension was reduced and the session gave a sense of relaxation as the snakes went over my back and having them there boosted my self-confidence,” he says in the clip.

Since being shared online, the video has prompted many reactions among netizens.

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