#EndSARS Protest: Nigeria and Restructuring – Donald Duke

As mass protests against police violence continue across several cities in Nigeria for the eight straight day, the Nigerian army issues a warning to those it described as subversive elements and trouble makers, pledging loyalty to President Buhari and saying it is ready to support the civil authority to maintain law and order. It comes as the government’s security committee in Abuja announces a ban on all EndSARS street demonstrations in the Nigerian capital, saying they violate Covid 19 safety protocols and endanger the lives of citizens. So has the government’s patience finally snapped and are we likely to see troops deployed on the streets of Nigeria’s major cities, where the protests are most vigorous? Or is it perhaps time for the Nigerian authorities to seize the moment and restructure and refocus not just the police, but also the country itself, as some politicians have suggested?…We’ll hear from one of Nigeria’s most prominent politicians, the former presidential candidate and two term Governor of Cross River state, Donald Duke

The lawyer, musician, broadcaster, motorbike enthusiast and politician Donald Duke, two term governor of cross river state and former presidential candidate…was interviewed by #CharlesAniagolu. Produced by #NissiGabriel.

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