Fani-Kayode Slams Sheikh Gumi, Claims Cleric’s Father Boasted A Christian Won’t Be Nigerian President

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has slammed prominent Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi for saying Nigerians will regret removing Isa Pantami as the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy following his comments, which many alleged support the extremism.

Pantami has been under fire of late over past pro-Taliban comments supporting the activities of terrorist groups, including Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Femi Fani-Kayode

In audio clips that resurfaced lately, the minister who has been an Islamic scholar for about three decades, once declared that he was always happy when infidels – non-Muslims – were massacred.

Though he has since renounced the comments, blaming it on immaturity, many Nigerians continue to demand his sacking or resignation.

Defending the minister, Gumi claimed the nation would regret it if he is removed from office.

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The cleric said the allegations against Pantami are unfounded and should be discarded.

“You cannot Islamise the whole world. Jesus Christ came; he could not Christianise the whole world. Nobody can Islamise or Christianise Nigeria,” Gumi said.

Responding in a recent interview online, Fani-Kayode stated that Gumi speaks for misguided people.

“His father, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, was the man that said that Nigeria would never have a Christian President during his lifetime, he died a few years later and a Christian became Head of State, that was a prophetic thing. The man died and a Christian took over the country. Now I can see that the son has taken his father’s mantle and he’s speaking nothing but absolute nonsense.

“He speaks for a large segment of people in the core north who are misguided and don’t know any better and I think this is the sort of thing that upsets many of us. Nobody can tell me that it’s right and proper for him to say that if Pantami is removed, we will regret it. I mean, who the hell does he think he is. Who do they think they are? We all own this country, and let me put this to him right here on this programme.”

He added that something has to be done about people like Pantami and others, or else the government would regret it, especially in a situation where they’re trying to fulanize and Islamize the nation through jihad.

He said, “If you want Nigeria to remain together, they better learn to keep their mouths shut and stop insulting southerners, middle belters, Christians, stop provoking us, stop killing us and telling us that you own this country and every one of us. We cant be slaves; I will never be a slave to anybody; what I mean by that is if you don’t stop, then you’ll see another dimension of this struggle.

“We are calling for the restructuring of this country; most of our youths are calling for restructuring.”




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