Fashion Law

Below are the requirements for non-U.S. law degree holders. This option does not fulfill the requirements of the “Cure Provision,” which allows foreign-trained lawyers and law students with a “Qualifying” first degree in law to sit for the New York Bar Examination. For more details, see and click on “Foreign Legal Education.”

Before making course selections that will make you ineligible to sit for the New York Bar Examination, please consult with a program advisor. A waiver is required to exercise this option (“Request for Waiver from LLM Program Requirement,” available on LawNET Forms Central).

  • Introduction to the U.S. Legal System and Process (3 credits)
  • Legal Writing and Research for LLM Students (2 credits)
  • Quantitative Methods for Graduate Students (1 credit)*
  • Fashion Law** (2 credits)
  • Fashion Law Capstone/Thesis (3 credits; final semester)
  • At least four of the following courses designated “FASH” on the course schedule published on the registrar’s website:
    • Cosmetics Regulation (2 credits)
    • Fashion Ethics, Sustainability, and Development (2 or 3 credits)
    • Fashion Law and Finance (2 credits)
    • Fashion Law and International Trade (2 credit)
    • Fashion Licensing (2 credits)
    • Fashion Modeling Law (2 or 3 credits)
    • Fashion Retail Law (2 credits)
    • Fashion Law Drafting (2 credits)
    • Fashion Law & Social Justice (2 credits)
    • Fashion Law Practicum (3 credits) (Note: limited enrollment)

Additional electives, chosen from the range of courses open to LLM students, for a total of 24 credits. Consider choosing electives that complement your fashion-related courses and cover areas of legal specialization important to fashion law that you may not have studied in the past.

*Students who completed a similar course in their prior studies, or who have significant business, tax, or other experience that provides them with sufficient knowledge of this topic may seek a waiver by submitting the Request for Waiver from LL.M./M.S.L. Program Requirement​s​ form.  Late registrants who are unable to register due to enrollment limits must take this course in their second semester of study.

**Students who completed the Fashion Law Institute’s Fashion Law Bootcamp(R) summer intensive program are exempt from the Fashion Law course requirement and should instead take 3 other credits of their choice.


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