High Noon In Igboland By Austin Okeke

We have been screaming for years now that political leaders in Igboland must listen to our people.  It all fell on dead ears. 

It’s now high noon for us all.

We are witnesses to how they ganged up and invited the military to mauled down our people in 2017, they code named it Python dance. 

We are yet to account for all those who were killed, maimed and detained.

The unmarked mass graves of our dead people are baying for vengeance.

In recent times we gloss over Emene Enugu massacre,  Obigbo massacre, and Orlu massacre which was celebrated by Hope Uzodinma who openly gloated that he invited the army to slaughter our people. 

Umahi sacrificed our people in order to appease his caliphate gods who have made him an empty promise they will never fulfill. The falsehood they throw around called Igbo Presidency in 2023.

Ikpeazu became deaf and dumb whilst our people in Abia State go missing and are killed by fulani terrorists under his watch. 

Obiano in a manicure and pedicure parlor in far away USA declared curfew in Anambra State Nigeria as the only solution he had to stop the daily slaughter of our people. 

Our people in Anioma are killed and maimed in their numbers, it goes under reported.

We screamed that Ohanaeze Ndigbo has been hijacked, they went ahead to annoit George Obiozor starting from Iwuanyanwu glass house charade in Imo State.

It is time they came down from their high horses to sit with our people for a dialogue; with Truth and Reconciliation in mind

I thank you 

24 April 2021
Austin Okeke



Original Author

Austin Okeke

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