PR Couture

I started PR Couture way back in 2006 because I wanted a dedicated place online to connect with others working in PR. And, because frankly, I did not get that warm fuzzy feeling when I tried to connect with publicists for job insights or guidance in the early days of my career – I didn’t want that to happen to anyone else – not on my watch!

These days, I am proud that what was once a little fashion PR blog has evolved to play a pivotal role in many a career success story (the least of which is my own). In late 2019, I launched an industry membership program, the Coterie to further commit to that early goal of making sure that communication professionals – no matter our location or experience – have a go-to resource to help us do exceptional work with plenty of internal confidence and external recognition.

I want you to know the pride that comes from challenging yourself to go a bit bigger, shine a bit brighter. And I want you to experience the joy that comes from sharing what you know, being in-demand for your unique perspective (aka getting paid to be YOU!), and clear where you want to focus your contribution and impact.

I hope you see you in one of our programs soon – it would be an honor to play a role in your next steps.

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