(Video) Nigerian Senator Caught Sleeping with his Driver’s Wife. (Pararan Mock News 23)(comedy news)

My people there is a storm in the Pararan Mock News paradise.
A popular Nigerian Senator got caught doing the thing with his driver’s wife.
This is a very serious news !
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Fast forward to the Mock News you want :
– President Justin Trudeau of Canada is giving money to their citizens. 1:37
– President Trump says chloroquine is effective in combatting the virus. 7:21
– President Akufo Addo of Ghana holds a prayer section with religious leaders. 12:58
– World health organisation (WHO) tells african countries to prepare for the worst. 17:38
– Iran frees prisoners amidst the crisis. 21:48
– Nigerian senator caught sleeping with his driver’s wife. 25:10
– Man returns 98 million dollars to owners. 29:35
– Hilda Dokubo protests Senator Abbo appointment as AG Patron. 35:34
– Nigeria bans travelers from UK, USA, China, Spain, Canada, Italy. 41:07
– Church refuses to bury a man over non payment of tithes. Can a deceased person pay tithes? 44:30
– Kidnapping: Police arrests suspected killers of Abosede in Katsina. 49:30
– Federal Government reduces price of petrol to N125 (Naira) per litre. 56:10
– Televangelist Kenneth Copeland asks members not to stop paying their tithes and sowing seed even amidst the pandemic. 1:1:25

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